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Parent/Teacher Association

The Tehaleh Heights PTA is our parent/teacher association. The purpose of the association is:

  • To provide a link between parents and teachers and the community and school.
  • To provide a forum to discuss ways and means of supporting the educational process.

At Tehaleh Heights Elementary we know volunteers are essential in providing a rich and rewarding environment for our children. We value your input and encourage you to attend meetings and events. Our PTA is responsible for fundraising and pays for events such as field trip transportation, supplies for students and classroom, sponsors and links with educational information such as math and reading programs, family nights, and skate nights. Hope to see you soon!  

Board Members

 Position  Name
 President  Janelle Hizzey
 Vice President  Jessica Adams, Megan Gonzalez
 Secretary  Jaycee Vincent
 Treasurer  Angela Jonas


Phone: (253) 260-4675

Facebook Page: