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student playing four square during recess

Our elementary schools are implementing a new recess program that creates a place for every student on the playground to feel included, be active and build valuable social and emotional skills.

The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District has partnered with Playworks, a national non-profit, to ensure that all of its elementary schools continue to offer safe, fun and healthy play with a focus on positive student engagement and reduced negative incidences.

So, what’s different? School recess teams, who’ve been trained in how to lead this new program, will choose from hundreds of games that promote inclusion while applying group management techniques that teach students how to play well together, resolve conflicts and develop leadership skills. Students will enjoy the familiarity of traditional games such as 4 Square, Tag and Jump Rope, but with variations designed to create inclusive and positive experiences.

The District chose to implement this new recess program based on research and data showing that positive and active play helps:

  • Improve students’ behavior and attitude toward school
  • Foster more empathetic kids
  • Develop more engaged and productive citizens

While this new recess program is a valuable experience for students, we recognize it might not be a fit for everyone. We will continue to offer options for play outside of organized activities. Learn more about Playworks in this FAQ for parents.